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Showcase Excellence in the Management of Construction

The management of construction is inherently a collaborative process. This includes stakeholders who provide the capital, the architects/designers who turn ideas into specifications; the builders who turn specifications into reality on site; as well as those who manage and regulate that process overall on behalf of the client and industry. Gold Seal Certified (GSC) practitioners have the experience and where-with-all to provide a total project perspective on the management of construction from inception to completion.

Why Get Gold Seal Certified?

  • Respected certification: A nationally recognized certification in the management of construction that is a reflection of skill, competence and experience, not only to your employer and peers, but to government agencies, contractors, and construction owners
  • Career advancement: Hiring managers will see the value you will add as a candidate who has real-world experience and an industry respected certification
  • Commitment to excellence: You will be recognized by your peers and managers as an individual who is committed to ongoing professional development in his/her profession


For a full overview of the program requirements and credit breakdown for each designation please see the Gold Seal requirements chart.

Certification GSC by Examination

A total of 100 credits are required to challenge the Gold Seal examination (75 credits are required Foreman designation)

To earn the 100 credits an individual must have a minimum of 50 credits/5 years in work experience (10 credits per year) as a Project Manager, Superintendent, Estimator, Owner’s Construction Manager, Construction Safety Coordinator or Foreman. Foreign experience can only qualify for 3 of the 5 years. Also, 2 of the 5 years can be in an assistant role (e.g. Project coordinator, Assistant Super, Jr. Estimator, etc.)

Education and Training
A minimum of 25 education and training credits are required to challenge the Gold Seal exam. A Technologist/Technician diploma or a related University degree would meet the minimum education/training requirements. In addition, Construction Management education (courses, workshops/seminars) would also be counted towards your required credits. Please note that courses do not need to be accredited to count towards the education requirement.

Safety Courses

Both the Superintendent and Project Management designations have a maximum number of credits they can earn through safety courses and training.

Superintendent: maximum of 10 safety credits

Project Management: maximum of 5 safety credits

Mandatory Education by Designation

As part of the 25 mandatory education and training credits 2 credits must be from the following topics:

Estimators: measurement of construction work, drawings & specifications, construction contracts, pricing/biding, construction documents, regulatory codes, scheduling communication.

Superintendents: management of human resources in the construction industry, construction job site controls and planning and scheduling.

Project Managers/Owner’s Construction Managers: law and contracts in the construction industry, construction planning and scheduling, project management and project costing control/accounting.

Foreman: Construction 101 and Leadership for Safety Excellence

Mandatory Ethics

As of January 1, 2017 all candidates will require the mandatory Construction Industry Ethics course (or equivalent) in order to be eligible to challenge the Gold Seal exam.  Please contact your local construction association for further information regarding the Construction Industry Ethics Course.

Automatic Eligibility

Applicants holding CEC certificate from the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors will be automatically qualified to write the Gold Seal CSC exam


Next Steps?

Please note
: Those without sufficient credits to write the Gold Seal exam can register as a Gold Seal Intern with a commitment to work toward the full certification.

Gold Seal Employers

BDA Inc. | Bockstael Construction Ltd. | J.M.R. Electric Ltd. | Marco Group of Companies | 3270879 Nova Scotia Ltd. | Tybo Contracting

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From the information provided you may be eligible to challenge the appropriate Gold Seal exam.

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